Terra One secures 7.5 million dollars for sustainable energy storage solutions

The Berlin start-up contributes to the stability of the power grid and the integration of renewable energies with large-format batteries and automated energy trading These batteries play a crucial role in maintaining grid stability and efficiency, particularly in light of the growing use of renewable energies such as wind and solar power.

Future prospects: Sustainable energy storage and grid stability

Terra One's energy storage solutions are designed to store energy when it is produced in abundance and feed it back into the grid when needed. This makes a significant contribution to grid stability and supports the integration of renewable energies, which are naturally volatile.

The company oversees the entire value chain, from project inception to construction, operation, marketing and financing. It employs efficient processes, experienced personnel and state-of-the-art software to successfully deliver projects. Terra One also collaborates closely with grid operators and municipalities.

Terra One's proprietary software utilises innovative algorithms to automatically trade stored energy on the EEX and EPEX power exchanges, ensuring optimal pricing. This automated trading maximises efficiency and returns from the stored energy.

Benefits for landowners and cooperation with municipalities

In addition to the installation, operation and maintenance of these battery systems, Terra One offers landowners a passive income. Landowners who make their land available for the installation of the battery systems benefit from the income generated by the operation.

Another advantage is Terra One's collaboration with local communities. The start-up develops bespoke solutions that meet both the needs of the community and the requirements of the power grid. This close cooperation demonstrates the company's commitment to creating not only economic success, but also social benefit.


The energy technology sector in the German capital region is significant for the national energy supply and its structural change towards renewable energies. Berlin and Brandenburg are leaders in many areas and pioneers in national and European comparison. They are also the largest practical laboratory for electromobility in Germany and have the highest concentration of solar energy research and development in Europe.

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