Visualisierung FÜRST Kurfürstendamm
Visualisierung FÜRST Kurfürstendamm

Unique 5D cinema experience on 2,300 m² in Berlin’s FÜRST

City Leisure Group (CLG), a leading provider of 5D attractions for immersive experiences of cities and regions, is opening its first experience space in Germany at Berlin’s FÜRST.

“This is Germany”, a ride on three floors with around 2,300 square meters directly on Kurfürstendamm, is expected to attract around 500,000 additional visitors per year.

The entrance to the spectacular flight experience will be opposite the theater foyer of the Komödie am Kurfürstendamm. Together with a modernized exhibition concept of the museum “Story of Berlin”, in the FÜRST an attractive cultural and entertainment offer is being created for people from Berlin and visitors.

The CLG attractions, each tailored to the respective country, are already running very successfully in Holland, Iceland and Canada. In several preliminary shows, the city and country are presented: its history, its people and its culture. After that, a “flight” for up to 40 passengers over the whole of Germany in three-dimensional space will begin in the FÜRST in a multimedia projection over a 180-degree curved screen. Movements of the seats, vibrations of the backrest, wind and spray mist, combined with subtle use of fragrances, allow the cinema audience to experience the breathtaking 3D scenes shown on the screen in a realistic way.

“We are very pleased that we have found the ideal location in Germany for our internationally successful concept in the FÜRST. As a capital city steeped in history, Berlin fascinates visitors from all over the world. The overall FÜRST project with its unparalleled mix of offers and the prominent location directly on the famous Kurfürstendamm boulevard have impressed us. I am really looking forward to a great joint project and a mega attraction for Berlin. By 2024, we want to expand to at least four more cities, including Vienna, Gdansk and Singapore,” explains Magnus Magnusson, CEO of City Leisure Group.

“The FÜRST combines office, hotel, gastronomy, retail, culture, entertainment, fitness and childcare uses with excellent accessibility. A total of around 3,500 people will be able to work there. A new platform is being created where outstanding culture and entertainment will bring people together – and in one of the best locations in the whole of Berlin,” adds Thomas Ostermann, Managing Director of the CELLS Group, which is entrusted with the coordination of all leasing activities at FÜRST.

CLG will install its ride, which weighs several tons, on site while the shell is still under construction, and further finishing work will then take place around the ride.

The lessor is FÜRST Projektgesellschaft, a company of Aggregate Holdings SA, which is developing a 20,000 square meter site in the prime location on the Ku'damm, which offers a total of more than 97,000 square meters of commercial rental space that will be used for retail, offices, lifestyle and art.

The first construction phase of the FÜRST has been completed and fully rented since 2021. Construction work on the second phase continues and around 90 per cent of the overall project will be completed by the end of 2023. The FÜRST will be fully completed in 2024 with a gross floor area of around 183,000 square meters on all floors and will then be handed over to its future tenants in the course of the year for their individual interior design.

Based on the design by the architects Kleihues + Kleihues, a new public space is being created for Berlin City West and an opening of the area towards Kurfürstendamm.

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