Roland Sillmann, Geschäftsführer, WISTA Management GmbH

»International airports are critical to the economic importance of metropolises.«

Roland Sillmann, CEO, WISTA Management GmbH


What would you like to see for the development of the region?

For the development of the region, it’s important that we as the stakeholders in Berlin and Brandenburg cooperate even more closely in the future. International companies like Tesla and others do not perceive Berlin and Brandenburg as separate locations but instead consider the metropolitan region as a whole. For them it’s important that people can access knowledge quickly, that the location attracts talent, and that companies find suitable spaces for their company location.

Which effects do you hope the proximity to the airport will have on your project?

International airports are critical to the economic importance of metropolises. As soon as direct intercontinental flights to BER airport are resumed, this will be of special interest for us. These are particularly attractive for companies and investors. Especially in Asia and the US, people are interested in locations that can be reached by direct routes. But also for the organization of scientific conferences, it is of special importance that a location is well connected with direct flights.

If you had one sentence only to convince a potential investor of the Airport Region’s advantages as a business location, what would you say?

An almost perfect and therefore sustainable combination: You will find many technology-oriented companies and excellent scientific institutions with promising talent here – all combined with excellent transport links by plane, train, and car.

We would like to thank Roland Sillmann for the interview!

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